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At the end of June 2000, JSC “Northern Shipping Company” (NSC, Arkhangelsk) decided to establish its own daughter company in Saint Petersburg. This decision was made not by coincidence.

Firstly, Saint Petersburg is one of the biggest centers of the Russian maritime business. It is the third port by volume of transshipments in the Russian Federation.

Secondly, the idea was to create a network of own subsidiary companies in different ports that could provide ship’s agency service for NSC vessels. Such a network of own agency companies would provide navigation of NSC liner vessels in a more flexible and efficient way to ensure their high - efficient functioning. Thus, the creation of such a company is an important step towards further development of NSC- the oldest Russian ship owner.

The Limited Liability Company “Northern Shipping Company - Petersburg” (NSC-Petersburg, http://www.nsc.spb.ru) was registered as from the 11th of July, 2000 in accordance with the resolution # 203697 of the Registration Chamber of Saint Petersburg administration (the certificate of the government registration # 117228).

Initially, the company NSC-Petersburg included 5 departments: liner, agency, container, economic and a forwarding one. Thereafter, the company was expanded and was subjected to internal modernization.

The company received two licenses:

  • For the ship’s agency service of marine vessels (activity by the order of the ship owner that involves vessel’s maintenance at the ports of loading/discharging, in regards to different sorts of formalities concerning customs clearance, supply issues, payment of harbor dues, including assistance for the master in contact support with port and local authorities in case of emergency);
  • For brokerage (chartering of vessels and cargo).