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The general cargo refers to packed piece goods that can be transported in boxes, bags, barrels, big bags, containers, bales, packages and other types of packing.


We offer the organization of all types of general cargo delivery including the following services:

  • The development of the optimal transportation scheme by taking into account cargo properties and characteristics
  • The use of one or several means of transport.
  • The monitoring of loading and unloading operations, repacking and the warehousing of cargo at the ports of shipment and destination.
  • The development of individual itinerary of cargo movements by taking into account customer needs and preferences.
  • Issuance of all the necessary documentation throughout the whole cargo delivery process.
  • The formation and shipment of mixed cargo consignments that differ in type and composition of the cargo piece.
  • The professional consultation on any question connected with the general cargo transportation.

Regardless the general cargo description, our specialists are always ready to offer several variants of transportation by taking into consideration particular aspects of each type of cargo as well as the size of the specific cargo consignment. By addressing us, you make a right choice preference of secure shipment for competitive price and within the shortest possible time.

We will help you to make sense of all the nuances of the sea carriage and will turn a complex procedure of delivery to a simple and understandable part of your logistic activities!

The main characteristics according to which the general cargo is divided:

By size:

  • Standard
  • Long-length (more than 3 meters)
  • Out-of-gauge

By weight:

  • Light
  • Heavy-lift (more than 5 tons)

The transported cargo can be divided into the following categories:

  • Break bulk goods are transported in carton boxes, bags, crates, plastic polymer barrels, bundles, drums, etc.
  • Cargoes in packages - cement, fertilizers, ore in a granule form, etc.
  • Metal products - wire, railings, beams, pipes, bars, metal in bundles, in packs, etc.
  • Machinery - transport and special vehicles
  • Wood and timber materials
  • Project cargo, etc.