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We will be pleased to offer a flexible approach to the solution of any of your questions concerning the port forwarding organization. A responsible attitude towards each client, the experience of specialists, up-to-date methods of information processing guarantee fast completion of formalities in the port area and allow to deliver your cargo as intended in a very short time.

Port freight forwarding is a part of cargo forwarding services as a whole but also concerns a complex of works in the port area. The specific port forwarding proposal can comprise more than a dozen positions, among which are:

  • Loading/unloading from/on a transport vehicle
  • Movement of cargo within the port area
  • Warehousing, stowing, separations of consignments under the bill of lading
  • Secure storage
  • Extra terminal services on a so-called “additional work” that implicates coopering and the elimination of packing defects
  • Handling of port documents, regulated by a valid agreement with a stevedoring company.
  • Customs clearance
  • Execution and organization of a customs transit
  • Involvement of additional experts (if necessary): surveyors, insurance agents, supervisors.

A set of specific operations depends on the requirements of each client as well as the nature of cargo, the volume of the consignment, conditions of cargo handling. Our company is ready to discuss and implement any variant concerning quantity and a set of provided services. The rules and work conditions can essentially differ depending on a stevedoring company or a port area.

  • Advantages of ordering a port forwarding service from our company
  • Time saving, since all the responsibilities concerning cargo handling will be taken by the employees of our company.
  • Thorough execution of shipping documents due to reliable contract relations with Saint Petersburg port terminals
  • A personal approach to each client by taking into account specific requirements and wishes.
  • Minimization of time when cargo is located at the port
  • Timely export and delivery of cargo to the client’s warehouse
  • Prompt information about the cargo and operations conducted with it

Within the framework of port forwarding services, our company is ready to fulfill any set of requirements claimed by clients, more specifically:

  • The transfer of documents to the customs broker for the release of goods into free circulation
  • A bonded transit clearance
  • Organization and participation in customs, veterinary and quarantine control.
  • Organization of warehouse inventory transactions and processing of permission for the shipment in accordance with port/terminal rules
  • Provision of the road transport for the pickup of the container from the port
  • Execution of the road transport entry permits for the implementation of loading at the port.