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LLC “Northern Shipping Company - Petersburg” offers multimodal services for shipments of all kinds of cargo including out-of-gauge and heavy lifts as well as different kinds of containers by different modes of transport.

International multimodal delivery of cargoes requires agreed work of all the elements of a transportation system. It also represents a complex logistic task that can only be solved by the highly skilled specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of time and cargo loss that results in the lost revenues for the consignee, a fall of reputation in the eyes of the client and, as a result, a refusal from further work. International shipments are a field of activity where above all one values the ability to reveal high efficiency and quality when dealing with one’s obligations. Lots of things and sometimes even the whole business of our clients depend on on-time and safe delivery.

We organize international shipments on a “door-to-door” basis. Such an approach to the solution of set tasks saves a lot of time and efforts of the importer/exporter. Advantages of the multimodal transportation with LLC “Northern Shipping Company - Petersburg”: More....

  • An effective and transparent logistic scheme of cargo delivery, optimized according to the aims of the customer, will make it possible to essentially decrease the time of shipment.
  • You will not need to coordinate the work of different carriers by yourself, to be busy with matching and coordination of different types of transportation. At any moment our specialists can inform you about the cargo’s destination and its delivery time.
  • All the responsibility for the transportation and safety of cargo rests with one company. The company LLC “Northern Shipping Company - Petersburg” guarantees the reliability of multimodal transportation up to the final recipient.
  • The issuance of the large number of documents will not bother you. All the transport documentation is entirely drawn up by the employees of the company.

Our task is not simply to “send the cargo as intended” but also to know and consider all the nuances of legislation, working conditions of this or that terminal to deliver cargo within the shortest possible period of time, perfectly safe and with minimal costs!

The coordination of involved transport vehicles from one center is a characteristic feature of the multimodal transportation. Thereby, the process of goods delivery is optimized at the expense of the following conditions: specific character and the length of the route, nature and the volume of goods, special requirements towards goods’ transportation, fulfillment of customs and borderline formalities. More....

If you need to ship the oversized cargo over a long distance, it is often simply impossible by choosing only one means of transport. That is why the transportation of the oversized cargo is organized in the following way:

  • Air carriage is characterized by the delivery of cargo within the shortest time. Such a shipment is an optimal option for perishable and valued goods while the speed of delivery is a decisive factor. Carriage by air makes the delivery of goods possible within days. However, it has a drawback that is, as a rule, the highest price assuming the weight of the cargo unit.
  • One can say that carriage by road is an optimal option of delivery in terms of price and timing. Such a carriage is the most in demand. Furthermore, it satisfies the needs of the majority of transport companies’ clients that provide international freight transportation. As a rule, the delivery by truck is present in all the logistic schemes, organized on a basis “from door-to-door”.
  • Carriage by sea is the cheapest option of cargo delivery over long distances. Therewith, the cost of delivery plays a key role while the transit time is not of such an importance. Carriage by sea is the most favorable way of cargo delivery from Europe and countries of Southeast Asia. However, such deliveries are optimized for shiploads, which is more than what one truck is able to contain. If you need to carry a small-scale cargo by sea, then the delivery of consolidated goods will be a good option.
  • Carriage by rail is the most profitable in terms of delivery over considerable distances by land. The size of the batch does not play a significant role here. As with carriage by sea, the speed of carriage by rail is not fast because of a stage-by-stage delivery from one railway center to another one. Block trains that are entirely being formed according to the declared consignment make the only exception. The difficulty of a railway carriage implementation is, first of all, connected with the time, necessary for the coordination of the transportation especially if it concerns out-of-gauge cargo. Also, we would refer a limited duration of the carriage rate validity that is necessary to be prolonged as well as possible delays concerning provision of a rolling equipment at the agreed shipment point to the weaknesses.

However, with a preliminary elaboration of this type of transportation, all the difficult moments are successfully being overcomed. More....

In any case, a choice of a delivery method (or a combination of methods) is a key factor, which influences a final cost. Cargo’s nature, its volume and weight as well as the issue of its delivery terms influence the choice of delivery methods. Thus, in case of necessity for immediate delivery it is more or less reasonable to use the air carriage, which is the most expensive but at the same time is the fastest way of delivery.

Carriage by sea is the cheapest way of transportation. Correspondingly, the more is the percentage of the sea constituent in the overall route, the cheaper is the whole carriage and the lower is the product cost. However, the carriage by sea is at the same time the slowest.

The delivery by road is an intermediate, a mid-tier between fast and expensive air carriage and cheap and slow sea carriage. These are all possible variations of road, sea, railway, air and river (barge) deliveries between the seller and the buyer. The most frequently used ways of multimodal transportation:

  • A warehouse/ yard – road transport – port – sea vessel – port – road transport – a warehouse/yard
  • A warehouse/ yard – road transport – port – sea vessel – port – railway transport – a warehouse/yard
  • A warehouse/ yard – railway transport – port – sea vessel – port – railway transport – a warehouse/yard

In order to choose a way of transportation suitable for you, it is necessary to calculate the cost and terms concerning all the routes and make a choice only after that.

In practice, the individual estimation of the ways and delivery time requires lots of time and effort. Therewith, the exact result is achieved not always. That is why the best decision is to address professionals who specialize in this particular kind of transportation (in other words, address to us). We are always able to offer several of worthy route alternatives for the implementation of the specific project with the indication of advantages and drawbacks of each variant. More....

Besides guaranteed reliability of delivery and cargo safety, a professional advice in the market of multimodal transportations can always facilitate the search of the optimal routes and provide the combination of different modes of transport. Nowadays, such transportation services are a preferable solution for the cargo transportation over considerable distances. If used responsibly, they make it possible to a large extent economize in comparison with transportations by only one means of transport.

Only by combining different ways of transportation (by air, road and sea) it is possible to achieve a really optimal cost and the terms of overall cargo transportation that could satisfy the receiver of the goods in the organization process of international shipments.

LLC “Northern Shipping Company - Petersburg” multimodal transportation services:


  • Multimodal shipments “from door- to-door” all over the world
  • Coordination of activities of all the participants of the transportation process
  • Monitoring of itinerary of cargo movements and time delivery control
  • Multimodal shipments with the whole complex of loading/unloading procedures at all location points of transshipment
  • Issuance of supporting shipping documents throughout the whole route of tracking
  • A full range of services on handling, cargo transshipment at the ports and terminals
  • The possibility to ship out-of-gauge and hazardous cargo
  • Extra services at any stage of transportation: survey and shipping tally services, customs services, insurance against risks and issuance of documentation

The scheme of multimodal transportations.

During the multimodal shipment it is necessary to transfer the cargo from the shipper’s warehouse to the port, airport or a railway station of origin. After the main carriage, it is necessary to transfer the cargo to the port, airport or the railway station at the place of destination to the warehouse of the consignee. Rarely, more specifically, in case of carriages by road, the cargo is transferred by one means of transport. In other cases, several means of transport are always used.

For example, if you carry out the air transportation, then in any case, at first, you should transfer the cargo to the airport by means of the road transport. If you carry out the sea transportation, then at first, it is necessary to deliver the cargo to the port by the road transport or by means of the railway transportation. If you perform the railway transportation, then, at first you should transfer the cargo to the railway station by means of the road transport, etc.

Multimodal transportation of containerized as well as general and bulk cargo is implemented according to the following scheme:


At the time of multimodal cargo delivery order, we will get in contact with your supplier and agree on shipment details, coordinate the time of shipment, a set of necessary documents and undertake all the necessary formalities.

  • the preparation for the transportation. The specialists of our company will develop an individual scheme of cargo shipment concerning the optimal balance of delivery terms and its cost for the client.
  • issuance of documentation. The unified agreement on rendering transport-logistic services will be made with the client The Agreement will regulate all the delivery stages. Before the cargo shipment our employees will draw up all the necessary documents.
  • shipment from the place of storage. The container for stuffing will be transferred to the shipper’s warehouse. The protocol of transfer and receipt will be drawn up.
  • transportation of cargo. A stage-by-stage multimodal cargo transportation by several means of transport is implemented. The customer can receive information about the delivery process and the destination of cargo. Upon arrival, the cargo is subjected to customs clearance.
  • delivery to the recipient. Multimodal transportation ends with the cargo delivery to the recipient, the property inspection for the confirmation of its integrity and the signing out of all the necessary documents.

However, for the objective assessment it is crucial to indicate existing drawbacks of this particular type of transportation:

  • A change of modes of transport for the shipment makes the control process of qualitative and quantitative state of cargo more difficult;
  • There is an increase in damage risk degree or the loss of goods during each phase of transshipment procedures

Despite the enumerated disadvantages of multimodal transportation, there are ways to eliminate them: address the specialists!

Any multimodal, international, intermodal, shipments by different modes of transport (by road, marine container, ferry, railway) is implemented by the LLC “Northern Shipping Company – Petersburg” according to a preliminary proven scheme, without delays, all over the world.