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ROUTES JSC "Northern Shipping Company"

At the moment, liner vessels are operating over the following routes:

  • Saint-Petersburg – Antwerp/Rotterdam/Hamburg
  • Saint-Petersburg - Le Havre
  • Arkhangelsk – Antwerp/Rotterdam
  • Arkhangelsk – Hamburg/Bremen

Despite regular shipments between the indicated ports, it is possible to deliver cargoes to/ from Saint-Petersburg to any of the Northern European ports all the way to the Northern part of Spain. Mainly it concerns full shiploads. However, we are ready to discuss any of the possible options even if it is just a part of cargo for the whole vessel.

First of all, it depends on the actual position of the vessel-candidate that is able to call at a so-called “optional” port. Such a port is not indicated in a regular schedule because the frequency of the main port calls is in any case a priority of the line. On the other hand, the characteristics of the cargo, considered to be a part of the main consignment, such as the quantity and maximal weight of cargo units as well as their overall dimensions, cargo readiness for multilayered stowage under the deck and cargo capability to be shipped on deck, play a crucial role. Depending on these main factors, we are ready to consider all the possible options of sea and /or intermodal carriage in order to deliver the cargo from the point A to the point B.

We provide services connected with inland transportation of different kinds of cargo: general, bulk, container, project, from door-to-door within Europe and Asia including Russia and CIS countries. The optimal logistic decision is being worked out within the shortest possible time by taking into account all relevant factors that are able to affect the cost of carriage and its realization quality. The company can always offer options of delivery at the lower cost and without any harm to the safety of the cargo.